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    Color Legend being duplicated

    Mark Holtz



      Can anyone help me with removing duplicate color legends in Tableau?

      I think we have somehow glitched out the program.

      We have a peculiar dashboard set up where we have to have independent coloring for each measure for a given dimension (client+region) combination.


      So we created 24 separate calculated field measures for each "column" on our dashboard and then a "Control Column" formula that has a value of 1.

      We duplicate the control column for each measure desired and put the calculated field result in the "Text" area for each Control Column Mark.


      For most of the calculations, we created another calculated field that uses an IF statement to designate a range for that metric as "Bad", "Okay" and "Good."

      The color shcema is: "Bad"=red;    "Okay"=yellow; and "Good"=green.

      We put the color formula in the "Color" area for each Control Column Mark.


      We have over a dozen metrics and each has its own color legend because each has its own color-deciding formula (the cutoff points change from metric to metric). I am trying to go in and modify the colors, but to do so, I have to first pull up the legend.


      My problem is not all the color legends are shown from the Analysis-Legends menu, and a single legend is duplicated MANY times!

      I have attached a screenshot to help convey what I'm seeing.

      (It scolls down for a while.)


      The legends of the first 5 metric columns specifically are not visible.

      When I remove the 5th Control Column, the 4th becomes visible, but appears duplicated.




      We also have the column labels for these unique measures currently existing below the column.  We'd LOVE to move them to be above the column, but have thus far been unable to figure out any way to do so. (See Turquoise text in screenshot)