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    Distribution by Growth Bucket Chart?

    Mark Manning

      Hello Tableau Experts,


      I am hoping someone can assist me with creating a distribution chart by sales growth buckets.  My data are sales by customer, by quarter.  Using a calculated variable, "Yr to Yr Growth by Quarter", I have successfully calculated the year to year sales growth rate by quarter. My next step is the problem.  I would like to know how many customers grew by certain percentage buckets.  For example, I'd like to know that 10 customers grew by negative 20%, 5 customers grew by negative 5%, 15 customers grew by 15%, 30 customers grew by more than 20%.  I am envisioning a bar chart, with my pre-determined growth buckets on the vertical axis and number of customers on the horizonal axis.  I first tried to do this by creating bins, but Tableau did not let me create bins from my calculated variable "Yr to Yr Growht by Quarter."  I next thought that an "IF THEN" statements might work, where I use several IF-THENs to establish my growth buckets.  This variable is called "Growth Buckets If Then Statesments".  Right now, this variable is sorting the sum of all my customers into the bucket for the total.  (At least it is going into the right bucket.)  I can't figure out how to get Tableau to sort my data and put it into the buckets based on individual customers.  If anyone can assist me with this, I would be grateful.  Workbook attached.  Thanks.