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    Does Top 20 using Index() function and Set work when you have more than one level of detail?

    Archana Amarnath


      I have tried to get the Top 20 products based on Discount Amount. Have tried two methods:

      • Using Index Function: Am getting the correct Top 20 Products, but there are a few extra random products that get displayed apart from the top 20. Any idea why this must be happening??
      • Using SET: created a SET function using "PRODUCT" and filted top 20 based on Discount Amount: This does not give me the right results


      I think the problem is arising due the Discount Amount being split by reason using color(See attached TWBX File). However, i need a workaround to get only the Top 20 Products in this chart.


      I have also attached the Excel Sheet for QC of the Top 20 Products (See Top 20 Sheet)


      Thanks in advance,