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    Dynamic Table Headings Linked to Selected Values in Filters

    Perry Chung



      Just wondering if anyone had ever created tables where the headings change.


      Specifically, I'm trying to create 1 dashboard with all business units showing but by applying user filters, one business unit will only be able to see their own business unit information. There are also three levels within the business unit hierarchy. As an example, the levels are:


      BU Level 1: Country

      BU Level 2: State

      BU Level 3: City


      The head of BU Level 1 will only see the levels sitting beneath his own business unit only.


      Within the dashboard, I want to have tables displaying the data for each BU Level 2. Each BU level 1 will have a different number of BU Level 2's and the names will be different. Usually I would name the table the "Worksheet Name", however it would be great if there was a way the title of these graphs could change to reflect what is in the BU level 2 filter.


      To illustrate I've uploaded a mock up of what I would like my dashboard to look like. So, the heading for Table 1 will be "State 1", the heading for Table 2 will be "State 2" and so on. Because the names of BU level 2's will be different for each BU Level 1, the headings will change depending on the user.


      Is this possible? If so, I would be keen to hear of any suggestions!


      Many thanks


      PS: I hope what I would like to do is clear to anyone who reads this but please let me know if clarification is required.