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    Need help on export data to csv

      Hi All,


                    I have a dashboard where i have 2 worksheets with some data and another worksheet with trending chart. i want to export the data to csv including the trending chart. ri use tableau version 6.1 and i am facing an issue. data export just exports the selected sheet's data to csv. i am unable to select multiple sheets so that i can export all. more than that trending chart is never get exported. is there any settings which i can do to achieve this? your help is greatly appreciated.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Rashid,


          This is expected. When exporting the data as a crosstab, only the data in the view will be exported. To export all the data, you can view all the data (Analysis-->View Data), select all, then use the Copy button and paste it into a csv file.


          In terms of the trending chart being exported to a csv file, this is also by design. The chart could first be exported as an image, then be copied and pasted into the csv file as well.


          Hope this helps!



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