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    How to remove 'Null' in Tableau dashboard view

      How do you remove 'Null' from a Tableau dashboard view?  Is there something that needs to be included in the SQL query?

      Please advise.  Thanks. 

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          Jonathan Drummey

          I'm not sure where you're seeing Null's, it could be in the row or column headers or as the mark values in a crosstab or for labels.


          In the case of headers, you can right-click and choose "Hide" or "Exclude". Hide simply removes the data from view, Exclude adds an exclude filter to the Filters shelf and regenerates the view. If you are doing grand totals, running sums, etc. then Exclude will change those while Hide (almost always) won't.


          In the case of mark values, then you'll need to define an alias for Null like just a space " ", or change your query to not return Null values.



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            Would the 'Exclude' step resolve this moving forward for any newer datasets which are ingested into the Tableau workbook?

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              Jonathan Drummey

              Yes, using Exclude on Null would prevent any Null values from showing up for the chosen dimension or measure as new datasets are added to a given worksheet. If you want to exclude Null values for that field across the workbook, then you'd need to make the filter global.


              Also, for best performance, Tableau recommends avoiding Exclude filters when possible. Depending on how your data is set up, you might be able to filter out the Nulls in your SQL query or recreate the filter as an inclusion filter.