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    Measure SUM Range Filter Help

    Sean Marcoulides

      This may have been answered but I could no find a solution previously posted.


      Below is an example of my data.



      Austin ISDAustin HSAA2500
      Austin ISDAustin MSAU1000
      Austin ISDAustin ElAA500
      Dallas ISDDallas MSAA200
      Dallas ISDDallas New MSAU400


      I have a map of Texas with District as the level of detail, using pie marks, and Accountability as the color. I have a SUM(Enrollment) filter, but it is filtered by the Accountability and I would like it to be the sum of the total district enrollment.


      Right now it will show a range from 400 (one Dallas ISD AU School) to 3000 ( two Austin ISD AA schools). I would like the range to be 600 (total Dallas ISD enrollment) to 4000 (total Austin ISD enrollment).


      Here is my current viz: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/TEMPTexasPublicSchoolStateAccountability/Dashboard1?:embed=y


      Thanks for any help.