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    dashboard refresh

    . Albertog

      I have a dashboard that i need click refresh botton to update information even the first time I opened the dashboard this behaviours is normal.  I would like the dashboard refresh automatically when I open it the first time. We are using 7.0.1




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Alberto,


          Make sure that the Auto Update Dashboard is checked. This is the 8th icon from the left on the main toolbar. Hope this helps!



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            Erin Gehn

            I am within version 8.2 so this question may be a bit dated, but I am having the same issue. I open up a workbook and the dashboards -- even though all the sheets are set to automatic update and the dashboard is set to automatic update -- the  page does not refresh or generate.

            If I go to each page individually and open them to let them run, then the dashboard combining them will generate.

            Is there a quicker way to do make the dashboards generate? I cannot afford the time it takes especially during a presentation meeting.


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              Shawn Wallwork

              Erin, couple of questions: Desktop or Server? Extract or Live? Data source(s)?





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                Erin Gehn


                Live on desktop, I believe extract on server

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Desktop try F5 first. If that doesn't work then go to one of the sheets and right click each data connection and click Refresh. If it's an extract then right click each data connection and then go to Extract and then click the fly out Refresh.


                  Server is a whole different can of worms. Are you seeing this same behavior in both Desktop and Server?



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                    Erin Gehn

                    Server appears to be working now. It's just taking more time than expected to load the next sheet within the workbook.


                    The issue for desktop is that within a single dashboard, the data will not regenerate once an action filter has been selected/clicked/put into action. (And also upon start up). If you travel to the sheets individually, the sheets generate right away accordingly with the action filter from the dashboard. Which is good. But I need the sheets to be able to generate all within the dashboard.

                    Upper management will not be seeing the individual sheets. They will not be able to click into the sheet to generate the data.