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    tableau and hive



           I am trying to connect Tableau desktop to hadoop.  Our cluster is using hive and it is configured on port 10000.  I installed the hive odbc from the below link.  Before the odbc connector when I tried to connect to hive it would error.  After the odbc driver was installed I can connect to hive however I cannot access or see any of my hive tables.  The screenshot attached shows that I only see the default schema.  Our hive setup is using mysql as the metastore which is local on the machine where hive resides.  Do I need to connect to that? 






      thank you,


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          Robert Morton

          Hi Ishaq,


          You will not find any benefit from attempting to connect directly to the metastore. Regarding the list of schemas, did you try using the search button on the right side of the schema name field? If you find that it is not properly listing the available schemas, you should contact support so they may investigate this case more closely.


          In the meantime, does Tableau function properly if you type in the schema name instead of searching for it?



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                 Originally I was messing around with the schema option and when I would do a search I could not find my tables that were in hive.  However I checked my metastore data on the mysql database and found that my schema is named default.  I then tried again running an Initial SQL and found a simple desc kept failing and required a legit select.  I ran a select and low and behold I see the map/reduce job on the hive server.  Doing that also populated Step 4 section.  When I clicked on the magnifying class it was empty but now it was populated with the three tables. 


                 I guess my only ask to Tableau Dev would be to autopopulate the tables into Step 4 of the connection process when the Connect button is pressed.  Or another method to ensure the table data is pulled from hive.




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              Robert Morton

              Hi Ishaq,

              Thanks for following up. The behavior you describe is strange, and it would help us if you could share those log files directly with Tableau Support (don't attach them here please). When you email support please also reference this thread so that they know this is a request and not an open issue.