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    How to add Reference lines on a dual axis bullet graph based as PCT of 1st axis??!!

    Mercy Joseph

      I did this for one set of graphs - but do not seem to be able to replicate it for another similar set! Tried to include all settings as for the original version with no luck.

      I have a graph with 1 set of yearly values (dollar volumes) for whole company; I added another dual axis (independent scale) for subset of 1 division (using the bullet graph instructions creating new measures) (because the division is much smaller, and I did not want the 2nd axis to values to disappear from the graph); when I went to add reference lines on the 2nd much smaller scaled axis I was offered lines to refer to % of 1st axis OR 2nd axis (and I chose the 1st axis as I wanted to make the dually scaled axis to be connected or be referenced off the 1st. When I tried to do a 2nd similar graph, I wasn't offered a choice of 2 lines - only a single reference line of % of the (average, max, min etc) of the 2nd axis values; I don't see an interpretaive value in adding a reference line to the 2nd axis of % of 2nd axis values.

      I see the reference line as a tool to translate the dual axes, and would like to resurrct the added choice of 1st axis on the reference line options of the 2nd axis.

      Hope I am making myself understood.