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      for a project of georeferencing: is there a map of italy?

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          Dan Cory

          Maps of Italy are included, including regions and major cities. Background maps down to the major street level are also available. What exactly are you looking for?

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            Fabio Annovazzi

            Hi Dan,


            I have a similar problem as Monica. I need to build filled maps of Italian "provincie". Italy is divided into "regions' (Lombardia, Lazio, Piemonte,...) and each Region is divided into "provincie" (for instance the province of Milan and of Brescia in Lombardia.


            Provinces are further divided into "comuni" (cities/municipalities) and of course zip codes (CAP in italian). Are "provincie" available?





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              Ivan Maffioli

              Hi Monica,

              You have 2 options:


              1 if you need only a map with boundary evidence you can use another background map changing the wms reference.


              2 if you have to fill the province surface you can build the province polygon in tableau using shapefile gis data form http://www.istat.it/it/strumenti/cartografia


              The shapefile contains latitude and longitude of all points of the administrative boundary. You can extract these point into a database table using a gis (quantum gis for example: www.qgis.org).


              If you need more information email me at Ivan.maffioli@sdgitaly.it