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    Shaded Map by Region/Continent


      I have a requirement where the Map analyitic should be shaded according to Region or say continent level.

      Something like the screenshot pasted below.





      In the above visualization. I have a set of data at Region level like

      Region Name           CY value            PY value

      ----------------------          -------------          --------------------------------------------

      Americas                         250                       200

      Africa                                  50                         50

      Middle East                       20                        20

      Asia Pacific                     175                      150

      Europe                              120                      150

      So if the Current Year (CY) value is greater that the Previous Year (PY) value , then the corresponding map area should be shaded in Green.

      If CY value=PY value then the corresponding map area should be shaded in yellow/orange.

      If CY value<PY value then the corresponding map area should be shaded in Red.

      The area in the map should even show the corresponding values too.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Vishnu,


          There are currently no continents/regions in Tableau's mapping. However, custom geocoding could be used to add these to Tableau, then, once these are in, calculated fields could be could be created to get the desired color.


          if sum([CY Value])=sum([PY value]) then 'yellow'

          elseif sum([CY Value])<sum([PY value]) then 'red'

          else 'green' end


          Then, this could be placed on the color shelf.


          Hope this helps!



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            VISHNU S NAIR

            Hi Tracy.

            Thank you for your reply. Will try that. Now can you please tell me, how can i manually geocode regions for shaded maps ?

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Hi Vishnu, you're in luck! Richard Leeke just recently posted a genius solution to this problem. He gives you two options, one is a 'hack' and is not officially supported by Tableau, though it works great! The other is a utility that prepares custom shape files to be used by Tableau. This shape file technique is NOT a hack and should be fully supported by Tableau. Both are posted here:




              Don't let the length of his explanation (or disclaimer) put you off. The program and utility are fairly straight-forward and easy to use. He just wanted to make sure the instructions were clear, so everyone had a good out-of-box experience. Also if you do have any difficulties, post them to the viz thread above, he's always happy to answer question. And he's still tweaking, so you'll be giving him a bit help beta-testing. Hope you try this, and it works as good for you as it did for me.