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    Can I sort more sophisticatedly?

      Hello wonderful Tableau users,


      I have a question which I know must be easy but I can't figure it out or find in documentation. I have the visualization that appears below. It shows the number of women (pink) and men (blue) in each group (measure names). It readily sorts by the TOTAL number of people in each group. I'm trying to sort it by the number of women in each group so that those with the largest total number of women appear at the top. This would bump down the third group down for instance since its 851 women are fewer than the 971 below it. I know that I can do this by hand, rearranging them on the shelf, but then the sort order wouldn't be appropriate over time as the viz updated with new values and the groups jockeyed for position up and down the list.


      Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks so very much. -Susan