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    Can Tableau reproduce the graphs in this report, with these features?

      I'm scouting around, looking for a graphics package that will do what I want.  We're developing an automated weekly report that will run from tables in our Oracle database and produce a .pdf that can be posted on our website.  Please see the attached .pdf partial prototype, which was developed in Excel.  We're able to produce the tables in Oracle Reports, but so far haven't been able to come close to replicating all the features on the graphs.  Specifically, what we want is (a) control of the font and size of each different piece of text on the graph -- axes, titles, legends, etc (b) horizontal grid-lines at specified intervals, (c) ability to place the legend within the graph instead at the side, (d) ability to insert text-boxes in the graph to annotate points of interest, (d) the ability to "stretch" the graph to make it tall and skinny, thereby emphasizing vertical differences, or short and fat, emphasizing horizontal differences.   Please advise on capabilities, options, prices, etc.

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          Tim Latendress

          From one Tim to another...


          I can't see anything here that you couldn't recreate with Tableau from your Oracle DB -- with the exception of the Legends in the graphic. There are a few people that have also asked for that at my agency. But that was a very minor thing for us. We have a group who have developed a highly dense bi-weekly PDF process that includes a lot of text entries such as you have here too.


          Hope this helps.



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            Ken Patton

            You can even install the Legend, by making a Dashboard with a hyperlink to a copy of the legend on an external web page.


            That said, your org is pursuing the wrong design philosophy.   Specifying exactly what the layout has to look like is old school.


            Tableau takes the reverse approach:  let the data tell you the story it wants to tell. When the findings emerge from the data, the layout will take care of itself.


            Business value comes from knowledge and insight, not merely from carefully specified layout.


            This opinion is worth what you paid for it (nothing).