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    Percent of Total Across Dimensions

    Dan Wiltse

      I'm trying to calculate percent of total across multiple dimensions by sector so that each group adds up to 100%. For example, in the attached workbook, I want the Los Angeles - Sales group to add up to 100%, so it shows that Sector 1 is 20% (2/10)of the Los Angeles - Sales group, not show that it is 5% (2 out of 40)of the overall total.

      Same thing for if I removed the deparment, I want Sector 1 in LA to be ~50% of the LA group, not 25% of the overall total. The percent of total works fine if I filter it down to 1 location, but want to be able display this across multiple locations, not sure if this is possible.


      I've tried out the Advanced settings for the quick calculation and haven't had any luck. Any advice would be appreciated.