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    Can you display the extracted date on a Data Server Connection?

    Matt Francis

      I've started using T7 Data server and am currently porting over our workbooks. One of the things i want to do is consolidate our extracts so i am creating the extra and publishing them to the server and then re-building the workbooks using the remote connection. This works perfectly, except i now cannot get the updated date from the extract.


      I use the following title to show what the data source is and when that data was last updated :


      <Sheet Name> using <Data Connection Name> last updated <Data Update Time>


      This works fine for straight connections and extracts that have been published with the workbook, but if i use a extract stored on the data server i get the date that the workbook connected to the extract, rather than the extract time. I guess this is expected behavior as the data server extract is mimicking a database but it would be fantastic if i could display that in the title.