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    Dual Axis Non Synchronized Scales

    John Sobczak

      When adding a second dual axis of different scale (so not synchronized) and using option of not including zero so that the min/max of the axis is set to the range of data values, I find that after adding the second axis (right dual), the min/max on the original left axis are expanded beyond the range of it's data values.  The right axis is correctly adjusted to min max of its' data values.  It's as if there were some implicit aspect ratio between the two axis.  I cannot use fixed axis because of filtering.  Is there a graceful way to solve this? 


      Message was edited by: John Sobczak Thanks Tracy for your response.  Attached is a sample workbook with the issue.  The second tab has the worksheet with the issue.  I would like the left axis to be same range as first worksheet.  The 3rd tab has fixed axis which provides the desired result, but is not a feasible solution because of filtering options I intend to have in place that will change the range of values. The 4th tab uses log scale which seems to be a feasible solution as long as you don't need to show the scale.  It would be best if Tableau could automatically keep the min/max of each axis to the range of data values without requiring this work around trick.