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    Tableau data server - changes to master data source

    John Cantu

      I THOUGHT one of the many benefits of the new Tableau Data Server component in Tableau Server 7.0 is the ability to centrally manage/update a master data source, and any changes to the master data source would propagate to those using it. However, I'm having a hard time figuring this out in Tableau Desktop. So, basically, what I did was create a data source and published it to Tableau Server. I opened a new connection in Tableau Desktop against this new data source using the Tableau Server connection option. If I try to create a new custom metric (customized data model), I have no way to send that new metric back up to the centrally managed data source. Am I missing something here? I thought if I were to manipulate the data model (assuming I have permissions) in any way, the changes would reflect?


      I appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!


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          Tim Latendress

          Hi John,


          You are close!  The second workbook, where you connected to the Tableau Server Data Source, is just a connection to the metadata. In that workbook you can perform data blending, add calculated fields, etc but it is all local to that particular workbook.


          If you want to edit the actual data source, you will need to re-connect to your original data source in Desktop -- not the one on Server. Then you can make your changes and re-publish it to the Server.


          After re-publishing you can simply refresh the second workbook to pick up the changes.


          Does that help?




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            John Cantu

            Ooohhh!! SWEET! Yeah, so I went back to the original data source and added a new custom metric. Then I went back to the second workbook and refershed it ... Vuala! There was my new metric. Cool. Yeah, I was under the assumption that I could modify the data source and save the changes when not operating in the original. Good to know.


            Thanks for your quick response and help, Tim!