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    count up aggregation

    . Autoanalytx



      I have an “if” calculated field that returns one of two string values:  ‘Use’ or ‘Don’t Use’


      IF [Percentage of Coverage]>= 5.0 AND SUM([VehicleCount] ) >= 8  then 'Use' else 'Dont Use'  end


      With a second calculated field, I want to add up the total number of records that are ‘Use’ and the total that are ‘Don’t Use’


      The problem is that the [Percentage of Coverage] is already a sum calculated field and so is the ([VehicleCount].


      So I have the dreaded “argument to Count (an aggregate function) is already an aggregation and cannot be further aggregated” error message.


      Any ideas on how to sum up the number of ‘Use’ or ‘Don’t Use’ records?


      Thanks, AutoAnalytx