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    Duplicated information on joying spreedsheets

      I have two spreadsheets as follows attached.

      Table 1 – In these spreadsheet each order is consolidated in a single line with general information of total selling, total margin and other information related to the order, but consolidated in a single line. The column A (Pedido) has the unique number of the order.

      Table 2 – In these spreadsheet each orders divided by one product per line. The column A(Pedido) has the same number as Table 1 and it's the column used to inter joy the two spreadsheets.

      Once I connect it in the Tableau it generates a third sheet(i called the "tableau sinc")  consolidating all the data.

      The problem is that once it consolitades the informations such as marging and total sell that was consolidated in the Table 1 it gets duplicated in the final spreadsheet because it puts the same information in each of the products information displayed in each separate line. and I’m not able to analyse the information.

      How can I overcome that ?