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    Simple Ranking Question

    Alan Kwan



      I have this:


      Business Unit     Server     Sum               Rank

      a                         a          10                    1

      b                         b           9                     1

      b                         g          8                      2

      b                         f          7                       3


      c                         c          6                      1

      c                         q          5                      2

      d                         d          4                      1

      e                         null          3                   0


      2 Questions:


      1) I wanted a formula that ignores the business units with null servers and ranks the remaining servers.... so I had this formula:

      If(isnull([Server]) then 0 else index())...unfortunately that formula doesn't pass...suggestions?


      2) I want to set up a quick filter that allows the user to select ranks using a slider. So I set up a parameter control that takes an integer and set it up as a slider, the problem is: if the user selects 1, it only shows rank 1, if the user selects 2, it only shows rank 2...I want the user to select 4 and shows rank 1-4.

      Note* Prefereably a slider filter