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    Support for MS-SQL Compact/LocalDB in Tableau Reader

      Hi there,


      Does "Tableau Reader" support connections to MS-SQL Server Compact Edition or the latest LocalDB (SQL Server 2012 Edition)?




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Raja,


          Tableau Reader essentially supports the same connections as Tableau Desktop since it opens its data from a Tableau Desktop Packaged Workbook (twbx file). However, it is important to note that Tableau Reader cannot open files referencing an external data source--by creating an extract in the Desktop Workbook will allow you to open it in Reader. The tech specs for Tableau Desktop can be found here:




          Hope this helps!



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            Hi Tracy,


            Thank you for the reply.  This is helpful.  However, even though Tableau supports SQL Server there is no specific mention about light weight file based SQL Server editions like SQL Server Compact.  You would probably know that SQL Server Compact is a file based database that can support databases of size upto 10 GB.  Also, the latest SQL Server 2010 LocalDB (Still RC0, not yet released) support T-SQL stored procedure which could complement Tableau with some procedural elements (of course, only on the static data though). 


            Basically, what I am trying to get is:

            • Support for large datasets for my packaged workbooks
            • Introduction of some programability to complement Tableau visualizations on the extracted static data

            This will help me implement dynamic solutions on the static data that is extracted into a packaged workbook and can be deployed and viewed by the end users through Tableau Reader.  I am not sure whether Tableau has any such feature and would like to confirm from Tableau experts like you.


            Thanks & Regards,