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    date filter

    Dan Hoyal

      Is there a way to allow my report users to *hand enter* a date range to filter a report?  I can only find the "date slider" which is worthless to us.

      A very simple example:

      A list of dates from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

      The user just wants to see values from Feb 12th to March 20th.


      Can they TYPE IN THE DATE in like this;

      Input Field 1:  02/12/2012

      Input Field 2:  03/20/2012


      We currently use Tableau version 6.1 and will happily upgrade everything if needs be.


      Thanks for any help on this

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          The date slider should have a date/time readout box on each end. The readout boxes are editable, i.e. users can click on them and enter dates (if you can't see readout boxes - make sure they are enabled in the quick filter Customise menu).


          time slider entry box.png