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    Month starts from 2nd?

    Andrew Fisher

      I have a set of data that I'm getting from MySQL. For some reason even though the field (called Date) is an actual date field in MySQL (in ISO format so yyyy-mm-dd) when it gets viewed by tableau it by default treats it like a string. After switching it forcibly to date type etc now for some reason whenever I ask for a "Month" it gives me the data from the 2nd of the month onwards.


      Initially I thought it's date recognition was getting confused and it was treating 1 Feb as 2 Jan (the usual date issues) however after switching back a month it turns out it's treating a "month" as 2nd Jan -> 1 Feb...


      Ie everything is offset by a day and Tableau will honour this going back and forth for any month in my data set.


      So first question is how to fix it and second question is how did I get it to do this in the first place?