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      • 15. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
        Richard Leeke

        Well I know it works with that data because I have loaded lots of different levels of detail from statistics NZ and LINZ. It sounds from your description that the process has come very close to working if not fully worked, so it must be something very minor.


        I would really need to see the tabgeohack log file (in the installation directory) and/or a sample packaged workbook to be able to pinpoint what the issue is.


        By the way - have you had a look through Robert Mundigl's blog posting (linked in my previous posting above) - that gives step by step instructions so might just include something I've glossed over in my instructions.

        • 16. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
          Kirdan Lees

          Hi Richard,


          yeah I must be doing something silly. You will be all over the stats NZ data (by the way, i'm using the smaller census data you suggested).


          I've attached the packaged workbook, the log file and the yml file.


          The log file is a bit ugly earlier on but like I say everything seems fine the last time i use the tabgeohack - I just can't seem to link up the geocoding with the shape files.


          Great if you do get a chance to look at this but starting to push the boundaries on what I should just try and nut out myself.

          Maybe we can take offline too if that suits you.


          Best regards,


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            Richard Leeke

            Well you've done nothing wrong - it's simply a recently introduced bug (about 10 days ago, so it's interesting that nobody else has hit it - but I evidently haven't processed that NZ regions file since then). There's a lot of variability in the precise format of different shape files, so I have to be very careful to handle all the variations - things like whether field separators are tabs or spaces or a combination of the two.


            Anyway, the fixed version (1.0.6) is available for download now - hopefully I haven't broken anything else. Note that when you unzip it it will overwrite all files - including your tabgeohack.yml file, so just put that to one side and then copy it back afterwards.


            By the way, I noticed that you had quite a lot of mismatches in your custom geocoding. That's because I generate the ID field as a string and it has leading zeroes, whereas your data source has it as a number. You just need to enclose the field in quotes with a leading zero in your data source.

            • 18. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
              Kirdan Lees

              Thanks so much for finding the bug and posting the updated Tabgeohack!

              Once I got myself organised worked no problems.


              I need to spend some time playing around the simplification parameters but well on my way now.


              Thanks again,


              • 19. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                Richard Leeke

                No problems, glad its working for you.


                BTW, I notice from a comment of yours on a thread with Shawn that your office is a couple of blocks from one of my clients - so if you ever want to meet for a coffee and show off your filled map creations let me know - I'd be interested to see what you're doing with it.

                • 20. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                  Gareth John

                  This is brilliant thank you Richard, and has solved one of my few remaining gripes with Tableau 7. I've successfully managed to add filled maps for Wales at various levels of geographies, and even though I haven't played with the simplification parameters at all, performance is still very impressive and response times are almost instantaneous, which is not something that could be said for the old Polygon (join the dots) method.

                  Hopefully, this should also allow me to show both filled boundaries and point data on the same map, something I was unable to do previously.


                  You are to Tableau hacking what Richie McCaw is to rugby.





                  • 21. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps

                    really stupid question because I am sure I am doing something dumb - and hate to bug you but this has been driving me crazy all day.


                    I am attempting to use ShapeToTab and downloaded the GDAL version from dropbox... extracted to C:\GDAL and modified the shapetotab.yml file to C:\GDAL


                    when attempting to run however I continually get "Unable to execute ogrinfo - check that GDAL libraries are installed properly and that the 'GDAL_instalation_path' is configured correction at shapetotab.pl line 496."


                    Any idea of what I am doing wrong?  Sorry again, I am sure this isn't the level of question / comment you are looking for. 

                    • 22. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                      Richard Leeke

                      Don't worry about the level of the question - if you're stuck, you're stuck. Shawn and Robert both got stuck about this stage of the process too!


                      Have a look in the shapetotab.log file and see if you get any clues from there - if I remember rightly that will confirm exactly where it thinks it is looking. Post the log here if you can't spot the issue.


                      I just looked at the code and I have put a lot of validation in to check that all the required directories under GDAL are there - so if that wasn't being picked up you'd get a different error. About the only other thing I can think of is that I am temporarily adding GDAL to your PATH while running the utility, so you might possibly just have so much other stuff on your PATH that the stuff I'm adding gets chopped off. (I don't know for certain if there is a limit but I vaguely recall that there is.)


                      If that is it you could clean your PATH and see what happens. Let me know if so and I'll change it so I put my stuff temporarily on the front rather than the end.

                      • 23. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps

                        Thank you Richard... through some additional experimentation I think I stumbled upon and resolved my issue.  I am fairly sure it was a permissions problem.  Despite having admin writes the GDAL folder was set to "read only" and I don't think was allowing shapetotab to execute.  Windows 7 would not allow me to alter this permission until I changed the UAC to not notify of changes (according to microsoft not recommended).  So I did this, rebooted, change permissions to GDAL and shapetogrid appears to be working.


                        Now I will see if I can change my UAC back to a preferred setting and keep shapetogrid working.


                        Thanks for your timely reply.


                        Best Regards,


                        • 24. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                          Ty Alevizos

                          This is without a doubt the coolest post on the community forums... ever! I'll definitely be trying these ideas out as soon as possible. Thanks Richard and the rest for such awesome and accurate information!

                          • 25. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                            Richard Leeke

                            Thanks Ty. I look forward to seeing some examples of what your creativity can do with it!

                            • 26. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps

                              Thank you Richard. I want to know if we can add the creating role in the native roles hierarcchies of the custom geocoding with this tool.

                              For example the in the native role County, I want to add the role of district as children which have the role City as children.

                              I try different things in the .yml but it doesn't works. I try to find the solution on the blog "Clearly & Simply" and in the pdf wich is in the the "soft" but i didn't find the solution.

                              So I just want to know, first if it is possible or not, and if it is, how to do.

                              • 27. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                                Richard Leeke

                                You can't change the structure of Tableau's built-in hierarchy, which has County and City as children of State.


                                You can append new roles to any node of Tableau's hierarchy, though, so if you want to append District to County and then add a new role MyCity with the details of your cities of interest as children of District you can certainly do that - as long as you have the data and the relationships actually make sense.


                                I'm sure Tableau have got the hierarchy right for the general case, but you may have different local structures, I suppose.

                                • 28. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps

                                  Thanks for the quick response. So now I have two different roles that I will create in the yml file from the shapes and I don't know how to built the hierarchies in the yml file because in the example we can only see the Tableau's built-in hierarchy.

                                  • 29. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                                    Richard Leeke

                                    Yes, the instructions got way too complex even just covering the simple cases so I decided not to go into the details of some of the more tricky options.


                                    If you post a description of the roles that you have (including the fields that you have for each of them and in particular what the unique identifiers are and how they are related) I'll see if I can provide some hints.


                                    Probably the first thing to say is that you may find that you really don't need to extend the Tableau hierarchy, you may be better off just defining your own roles independently. If you do want/need to extend Tableau's hierarchy you will first need to do that in Custom Geocoding through Tableau in the normal way, as described in Tableau's own documentation. Once you have that defined and working properly, it's "just" a matter of setting up the yml file so that tabgeohack understands how everything fits together so that it can add the shapes in correctly.

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