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    how to calculate run rate numbers?

      Hi, is it possible to create a dynamic forecast based on the current date and historical data?


      The data set: number of visits on a daily basis - e.g.,

      Date     Visits

      1/1/12      80

      1/2/12     108

      1/3/12     95

      ...          ...

      2/15/12     108


      I would like to show the total number of visits for each month, and for the current month, show what the run rate total would be.  So for January it would just be summing all the historical visits I have, but in February, it would be summing all the Feb visits I have to date, dividing by 15 and then multiplying to 29 to get to the total. 


      I need this to automatically calculate as new data gets populated into the database so if the latest date is 2/15/12, then the run rate in Feb is (sum of visits in Feb)/15*29.  Tomorrow when I get 2/16/12 data, the run rate is then (sum of visits in feb)/16*29.  When we get to march, similar formula except that now I'm multiplying by 31 days (and Feb now is just the sum total of all the dates which I now have data for)


      Display-wise, I'd love to see a bar chart of the historical monthly summary (e.g., Nov 2011, Dec 2011, Jan 2012) + the last bar being the run rate total for the current month (e.g., Feb 2012). 


      Is this possible in Tableau and how would I do this type of calculation?