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    Tableau Server crashes during vulnerability scan

    Ed Egan

      Does anyone else have the same issue?


      We use Qualys QualysGuard (http://www.qualys.com/products/qg_suite/pci/) for vulnerability scanning on our servers including our Tableau Server.  We do this every Sunday night as part of a PCI Compliance mandate.  This type of scan checks vulnerability for certain attacks that possibly could occur from outside the server.  It’s not an invasive process however every time it runs it brings down our Tableau Server.  This is isolated only to our Tableau Server and has never occurred on any of our other servers.  I would imagine that other clients of Tableau that have to abide by PCI Compliance mandates may or may not run into the same issue.  It’s an issue we’ve had for as long as we remember but have never reported it until now (I submitted a case to Tableau Support).  Our box runs on 4 GB of memory and is a 32-bit OS.