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    Saving exported image/PDF in IE from Tableau Server causes error

    Jatin Grover

      We recently upgraded to Tableau Server 7.0, and since then our clients using IE 8 or earlier, have been unable to save exported images/PDFs. From our research, it looks like the issue is caused by Tableau Server sending a "Pragma: no-cache" HTTP header, which IE is unable to handle when downloading files (documented by Microsoft as a huge IE bug since IE 5). I am hoping the Tableau team knows about this bug, and is working to fix it.


      One workaround that Microsoft proposes requires changing the registry setting of each client computer, and we are not ready to do that. The other option we found was changing Tomcat's context.xml to add a Valve authenticator setting that would prevent Tomcat from sending the Pragma header.


      I have been looking into the Tomcat option, but there are a bunch of Tomcat configuration files there are out on the server machine. Can someone point me to where on a Tableau Server 7.0 machine can I find the correct Tomcat configuration context.xml that I could change to add my configuration setting?


      Help is appreciated.