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    Anyone Know Tableau 7.0.1 release date?

    Nat Lutz

      Have they said anything about when this might occur? The 7.0 Server release broke way more things than should be acceptable.


      The reason I ask is we need to know whether we need to rollback to an earlier version that was actually acceptable or if this release will be out soon enough to fix the errors. I know the policy is often "It comes when it comes" but in this case that is an awful way of doing it.


      A target date would be great - since tomorrow is 1 month the "expectation" would be soon - but soon isn't a good enough response in this case.

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          Ed Egan

          Amen sister (or brother?)!  I've had cases with Tableau Support outstanding for several weeks.  I've been told some fixes are in the next release.  I've considered rolling back as well but we went heavy on the use of the new "sites" feature and rolling back isn't so simple at this point.  I've been holding off hordes of users upset with some broken functionality and am hoping the next release will fix these issues.

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            Alex Blakemore

            Agreed. It would help to have a good idea of the next release date for planning.


            It takes alot of planning to get authorization to change a server, reserve time with the admins, prepare user's for an outage. It would be pretty frustrating to go through all that, and then have the next patch released the very next day. OTOH, it's frustrating to skip an upgrade timeslot waiting for a minor release that gets delayed.


            I totally understand you can't be certain about release dates, but if, for example, Tableau knows it won't happen till March, it would be helpful to have that info now. Especially, right after a major release.

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              Ed Egan

              I spoke with someone from Tableau Support and word is that the next release is slated for next week.  I hear ya Alex regarding change management but what can you do?  It is what it is.  The frustrating part is on some of the existing issues with server 7 and waiting on fixes then still having to go through change management.  There, at least knowing a tentative timeline, you can at least pencil it in on your schedule.  But then again, if they don't release it when tentatively planned, you have people upset.  It's darned if you do, darned if you don't from a Tableau perspective. I get it.