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    Help with Extract refresh on Server 7.0

    Dave Dunlop


      I'd like to take data from Oracle database, create extracts in Desktop with incremental refresh, and publish that extract to server 7.0 AND have it be able to incrementally refresh. Then, I want to use desktop to connect to the extract and build a dashboard based on the extract and publish to server.


      I can connect to Oracle, create the extract in desktop and save the extract locally on my laptop.  Before closing desktop, if I right click the data (Oracle) I can publish this data source.  But, then if I reconnect it’s an oracle connection.  If I close desktop and reopen from the extract from my local laptop hard drive I can publish this extract to server.  But, the "update schedule" is greyed out and the extract does not appear to update. 


      Thank you


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          Dan Cory

          The steps you describe at the beginning should work.


          Connect to Oracle

          Import All Data

          Data > <data source> > Publish to Server


          Connect to Data

          Tableau Server

          choose the data source you published (do NOT click the down arrow button that appears on hover)


          The data source should show up with the square Tableau icon that indicates it's going through the server.




          You can't just publish the TDE by opening it directly, because then it does not include the information that it came from Oracle.