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    Range of dates filter not working as expected with calculated date

    Tim Hill

      I have charts that I display for Months and Weeks that I use calculated fields such as DATERUNC('month',[DATE]) so that I can have the chart go accross this one field for multiple years.  That of course works just fine and since it's still a date field I can use the nice built in filters for dates which the range of dates is what we want to use.  It mostly works except that the slider for the range is actually moving accross the days so when you choose your left range and it says something like "2011, Jul" it is actually "7/3/2011" and therefore causes the chart to only display from the month of August.  If I manually type in "7/1/2011" for the left slider then my first month in the chart is July as I wanted it to be.  This seems like a bug in Tableau to me but I didn't find any mention of it when I searched the support site.  I wanted to see if anyone else had run into this issue with the filter and if they know of a way to correct it.  I really would like to use this filter because it can cover a few requirements with one filter and gives the user so much control over what they view; however, it's not very useful if the user chooses to see "2011, July" through "2011, December" and what they really get is "2011, August" through "2011, December".