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    Count of calculated field whose result is > than a value

    Jamie Irizarry

      As shown in the attached packaged workbook, I have calculated the percent of total records with NTU value < 0.3.  I know need to create a worksheet to show a summary of the total count of filters that have a 99% or greater.  For example, I need to show the location "SergioCuevas_WFP" and the total count of filters that have a percentage of 99 and greater.  In other words, I only want to show the column named "LocWinName" with the corresponding count and not the detail of all its filters (column named WFPName).


      The "Filter Percent Detail" tab shows the detail of the percentages for each filter.  The second tab, "Plant Summary" shows what I really need, which is the name of the plant with the MAX total count of all filters with percentages greater or equal to 99%.  I have a running total, but I just need to show the MAX total of that list, not the whole list.



      Any help will be appreciated!