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    Multi dimensional sorting



      I started using Tableau two weeks ago and mastered the basics. I was busy making a dashboard today and I just couldn't get the right sorting.
      I exported data from google analytics to a .xls file and connected it to tableau. As you can see in the picture I want 3 different calculations. 2 of these can auto-update correctly when i add data from the last month. For example: I added the number of clicks and use a filter to get last month's data. Also for the horizontal bar-chart this is working correctly. I sort them by the number of clicks of the last month. Since those two only use data of the last month this is showed correctly. Now the third one I want to show a line chart with the difference from the last 8 months. But it uses the last 8 months data when it is sorting by the number of clicks and not just the last month's data. I want this line chart to sort in the same order as the other two. So by last month's data,but i can only use one field to sort it by. I need this cause my dashboard contains a lot of these calculations and i don't want to adjust each worksheet manually every month to get it in the same order.


      My question:
      Is there a way to sort these lines by the number of click from the last month (so in the same order as the other two, just by last month's data). I was thinking about a calculation, using MAX(Month) and the number of clicks. But I can't seem to figure it out. Could someone please help me with this?