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    Filled maps - slow to render in browser

    .George Prevelige

      Is anyone else experiencing poor performance when displaying filled maps? It takes 30 seconds at least - sometimes more than a minute - to render a basic filled map view in a browser (IE9, Firefox, etc).


      Caching does help, but it still is unacceptably slow on first access and even randomly thereafter (I guess when cache is cleared).


      The data set is small (51 rows - one for each state and DC) and states are filled based on one of three columns. I've tried publishing with and without using an extract. It made no difference so I'm pretty sure it's a rendering as opposed to data issue.


      Performance (selecting, filtering) after the map is loaded isn't too bad. It's only the intial load time that is making my customers complain.


      Please don't respond with "can you post a file?" I don't need someone to go to the trouble of re-engineering my workbook. I just want to know if anyone else is seeing this or if it might be a hardware issue on our end (which we have a pretty beefy server, btw) .