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    Formatting questions for newbie



      I have started working with Tableau 6.1 over the last few days and I think I have made good progress (these forums have really helped answer some problems I have had). I am at a point with an example I am trying to do and I am struggling to format the report the way I want to. For background information I am trying to compare data from 2 months and I have correctly calculated the variance and % variance. I have then added a circle mark and rag rated this using a calculated field which again seems to work perfectly.


      What I now need to do is remove the circle marks from all but the % variance column and if possible I would like to hide the variance and % variance columns for the first month as they are correctly being displayed as nulls.


      I hope this makes sense and thanks for any help in advance.


      (I have attached a screenprint of my current workings).


      Kindest Regards

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Here's a link to a recent forum discussion on hiding the Null first column, though I don't believe it will work in your circumstance since you are using Measure Names above the date and Tableau doesn't like to be inconsistent about column displays.




          As for hiding the circle marks, you have to have a color that matches the background of the worksheet, and change the color calculation to add that as a fourth option. Tableau defaults to white as a background and that is not available as a color, so if you want to keep white then you have to make a custom color palette, using thse instructions:




          It looks like you have halos turned on, you'll need to turn those off as well get a true background.


          Message was edited by: Jonathan Drummey An update: I'd had a brain freeze and forgotten that you can make a white (or other custom color) much more easily by going to Edit Colors..., then double-clicking or right-clicking (both work) the color/valuein question to bring up a custom palette for that particular value.