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    Calculated field immune to filter

    Andre Goehler



      I'm trying to write a calculation to create Z Scores which are not affected by filters.

      I have a data set which includes a list of Speakers at workshops around the world and a list of questions the workshop attendees give satisfaction scores on a scale of 1-7.

      I would like to calculate the advisers Z Score, but also be able to filter by individual speaker.

      Currently I have produced the Z Scores for ALL speakers, but now when I filter it down to 1 speaker the table calculations do not work correctly.

      Does anyone know a way for me to calculate Z Scores that are not affected by filters?


      1. I need the Total Average of all Speakers averages. This calculation should not be affected by a filter in order to calculate:

      (X - Xmean) / standard Deviation


      2. Also I would be satisfied with    

      [Xmean(filter=on) - Xmean(filter=off)] / Standard Deviation





      Regards, Andre