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    Scorecard issues in a dashboard environment?

      As Wayne Eckerson elegantly pointed out in at least two books, scorecards and dashboards are not quite the same although a lot of people think they are. Scorecards are often about holding people responsible for specific targets. Dashboards are often about analyzing performance. (As an extremely short generalization). Furthermore, scorecard tools often have some sort of dashboards ('one-


      page overview-things') built in to them, while dashboards rarely have scorecard functionality (target adminstration etc) built in to them.


      To me, Tableau clearly fits in to the dashboard category like most other products on the market.


      So the question is: How well would it work to put scorecards in to a dashboard environment like Tableau?


      Any thoughts on that and especially any real life examples would be highly appreciated! E.g. if someone knows of perhaps a classical Kaplan / Norton balanced scorecard in a Tableau environment, that would be very interesting to see since such a setup (or similar) could illustrate most how most scorecard issues were handled.


      It's not the visualizations I'm looking for, it's primarily the 'administration' and setup of the additional features needed in order to have a scorecard (and not 'just' a dashboard).


      What I have in mind is how some of the generic scorecard issues have been handled in a dashboard environment.


      Examples of a scorecard setup:

      • Each user has an individual target for each KPI
      • These targets are managed (set / changed / locked etc) by the local manager. History of changes is needed.
      • Each user needs personalized dashboards showing his / her KPIs only besides all the normal dashboards.
      • Local management need to grant access etc themselves (probably not Tableau dependant)
      • KPI access depend on the individual user profile
      • Overviews are needed not just of the 'business performance' but also of the employee performance (for their KPIs and targets). 'Who is the best performer?'. These kind of things.
      • Each employee may need to come up with actions and share those + share the progress on same in order to track how any performance gaps are closed. Where and how to record such actions? Best if it could be stored together with the KPI / target / user combination or visualization or similar.
      • Such activities need to be communicated and shared between employees (e.g. some kind of 'what are we working on', project overview etc).
      • KPIs drive each other and impact strategic priorities. There are casual relationships. Kaplan Norton four-layered model is the obvious example, but how to ilustrate these kind of things in general?


      There are more examples and less obvious ones, but hopefully this will give you an idea of some of the things that separates a scorecard setup from a dashboard setup.


      I hope to get a nice discussion going on this topic




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          Shawn Wallwork

          While I haven't created a 'scorecard' per your definition, I use Tableau every week to rank district managers on a variety of measures, which are then automatically sorted descending. This company believes in transparency so the results are available to all (not just a few like you're looking for), but I assure you these charts are being used by the DM's and administrators as 'score cards' not just dashboards, and pressures are applied accordingly.



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            Thanks Shawn and yes, I think you are spot on, many of the 'scorecard issues' can be overcome if you go all-in for a performance approach where for example the transparency principle is taken to the max and all scores are simply shared with all users as you describe it.


            This is something we are also pursuing, but in my experience this takes time, and for technical, legal and cultural reasons I have personally never made it to the end of that journey.


            What about action lists and value driver trees then? Anybody who has set something like this up? This seem more like a technical thing compared to the handling of targets.



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              Heng Hau Lee

              HI Albert,


              There are alot of pertinent issues you have raised. I am currently exploring tableau to come up with a BSC and wonder if you have a good example to share? or can you point me in the right direction/person? Much appreciated.


              Heng Hau