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    Distinct sum based on another column

    Gareth Jones


      I have tried searching for this and while I have found similar solutions, unfortunately I have not found anything to help my specific issue.  If there is an answer to this elsewhere, please let me know


      OK let's see if I can explain this:



      Customer Number
      Parent Customer Number
      Parent Customer Sales Volume




      Basically, the total unique sum of Parent Customer Sales Volume should equal $260,000.  Parent Customer Number repeats in my set of data, and that is the column I need to sum my Sales Volume based on.


      I am running Tableau 7 Personal - using an Access database as my data source.  I am fairly new to this so apoligies in advance for seemingly obvious questions.


      Edit: I had thought about adding a new column into my data to identify unique parent customer numbers once with simply a "1", and then sumif based on that value.  I just haven't though about how I could do that just yet, even in excel.


      Any help would be much appreciated!