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    Creating calculated fields

    David  Klass

      Hello: I am trying to create a calculated field that uses 2 previously created fields but as I am a new user i cannot finfd the 'secret key' as to how to do this within Tableau itself without retreating to the query that created the .twb file


      Field 1 is a count of 'return less than 5 days' and is the sum in Tableau of


      IF([TimeOutBRDays]/[Number of Records])<5 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


      Field 2 is COUNT([TimeOutBRDays])


      I would like to create Field 3 :  Field1/Field2*100


      You can see the layout of the crosstab in the inclosed file to get a sense of the structure of the crosstab.


      Thanks for any help with this. David

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          Alex Kerin

          Difficult to answer without seeing the structure of your data. With that said, the first calculation could be a problem as this is operating at the row level (there's no aggregation - sum, max, etc), so number of records (i.e. rows) will always be 1.


          Maybe try:


          IF([TimeOutBRDays])<5 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END



          and sum([field 1)/sum(field 2)

          Don't multiply by 100 - let Tableau handle this as a percent.


          If that doesn't help, then if you can post some of the data and the 'expected' result from this data, that would really let us see what needs to be done.


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            David  Klass

            Thanks for the response.  I altered a bit what you suggested and found that the following gave me what I wanted





            The calculated  field: IF([TimeOutBRDays]/[Number of Records])<5 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END was named [Return_5_Days]  and dividing by the calculated field [CountRDate] works with the SUM operator for the row level field.  Thanks again.  David