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    Combine raw measure with running total

      Hello, I need to make a simple chart with time (weeks) on the X axis and unit quantity on the Y axis.  I have a single QUANTITY measure, and need separate colored lines for different values from a single CUSTOMER dimension.  The catch, though, is that one of my CUSTOMER values is really a target, so it needs to be shown as a "raw" measure without any aggregation, while the other CUSTOMER values need to be displayed as running totals.  The target changes from week to week, so I cannot simply show it as a reference line.  All of the lines need to be displayed in a single pane.


      The closest I have come up with is to create calculated fields for Customer_Qty:


      and for Target_Qty:


      However, when I chart these two measures, I end up with an extra zero line running across the bottom of my chart.  Hopefully my attachment will come through my firewall and you can see what I have so far.


      Appreciate any help in figuring out how to get this done.  I am currently using Tableau 6.1, but if there is something in 7.0 that easily allows this, please let me know and I will go ahead and install my upgrade.  Thanks.