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    The effects of database column changes upon Tableau Extracts

    Ryan K

      Hi there!

      I'm having a strange issue now that I've started to use more extracts. Let me explain what's going on - and maybe one of you friendly fellow Tableau users can shed some light on this issue:


      1. Create an extract from a workbook and refresh to get the latest and greatest data
      2. Open a new workbook and use that extract I just created as a data source
      3. Go into my SQL Server database view which is the source of the above extract. Add some columns, delete some columns, rename some columns as business requires.
      4. Go into my original workbook and refresh the extract again. I see all of my changed dimensions/measures just fine.
      5. Go to my new workbook. Hit refresh (doesn't do anything). I see some of the new columns but not all of them...some are missing. Furthermore, I get an error saying that a field is already in the database and so it's not going to add it from the extract. I also see a field with an X by it, and it says that this field doesn't exist in the database. It most certainly does because it's in my original extract workbook.
      6. So check this out - I started a brand new workbook and imported this extract. All of the columns show up, all of my calculated fields show up (I would love to see an indicator here that shows they're calculated...despite now being part of an extract!) and life is good.


      So does this indicate that every time I add/delete/modify a column in my underlying data source I must somehow drop the existing pointer to the extract in all but the original workbooks and readd it? This will be cumbersome to do since I have many workbooks pointing to that extract that the initial workbook created...am I missing something? If not, this would be a great BUG FIX for the next Tableau Desktop update!


      Please advise! Thanks, everyone.