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    AD auth failing with username/password but OK with passthrough

    Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood



      This problem appeared close to two weeks ago I've had but one support response.


      Server 6.1.5 (and 6.1.6 I've just tried) running on Windows XP using AD authentication. All was well but I was running some tabcmd's when I started getting username/password auth failures. Passthrough Windows authentication against the AD still works fine but wherever a username password is entered (web changing user, Tableau Desktop to connect/publish, locally or remotely with tabcmd) AD registers a failed login.


      I can't see anything detailed in the logs, is there anything I can do to see where/what's going wrong?


      What options to do I have? I'm about at the point of ditching the install and using passthrough only and adding Tableau managed passwords for the publishers (not great, but if it actually works..)


      Any ideas?