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    Weighted Average calculation

    Jaya Sinnathamby

      I need help with a table calculation involving weighted average.


      I am dealing with a survey which has a Rank Order question - respondents are asked to rank order 3 choices that they have on a scale of 1,2,3 where 1 is best and 3 is worst; no duplicates allowed.


      I have abstracted the problem into a fruit sampling problem - Tasters are asked to rank Apples, Oranges and Pears on a scale of 1-3. A Rank1 has a weight of 3, Rank2 has a weight of 2 and Rank3 has a weight of 1.


      I’ve packaged the problem into an Excel Workbook containing the cross-tab, reshaped data and the manually calculated weighted average.

      The packaged workbook contains the first viz.


      Hope someone can help create the weighted average viz.