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    Hyperlinks in Text Boxes

    April Hoy

      I have a dashboard with a text box at the bottom that cites the source of my data.  Is it possible to insert a link to the webpage where I got my data?  According to posts pre-dating Tableau 7.0, this was only possible with workarouds using extra sheets.  Can the Tableau 7.0 handle hyperlinks on dashboards?  Thanks!

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          Shawn Wallwork

          April, I've been meaning to play around with this, so I just did a quick test. The answer is no as far as text boxes go, but you can set up a URL on an image. So you could take a screen shot of the text you want to see and then put it into the dashboard as an image instead of text. (You could also include your data source's logo.)



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            Chris Gerrard

            The good news is that adding hyperlinks to dashboard text boxes is dead simple with Tv8: just add the URL to the text and Tableau recognizes it and makes it a hyperlink.


            As implemented, it's functional but one dimensional. Tableau only shows the link as the URL, and if the dashboard contains one or more Web Pages the link is always opened in the first one added, otherwise the link is opened in a new browser window.


            I found a way to customize the links to provide an alternate label and explicitly open the link in a new browser window, and documented it here. You can either hand edit your workbooks or use the Ruby script I wrote and included in the post to handle the customization.

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              Joe Oppelt

              There was a previous reply that suggested cutting from WORD.  I tried that.

              I can't get it to work.  (I'm on 8.2).  I have created a snippet in WORD that says "google", and the underlying hyperlink is "http://www.google.com"  I cut it from WORD, and it pastes in my text box, and turns blue and looks like a hyperlink.  When I click on it, though, it goes to "http://google, not the actual underlying hyperlink.  (It gos to the right place from WORD, so I know I set it up correctly there.)  If I change the text in word from "google" to "george", tableau tries to send me to HTTP://george.


              It's recognizing the text as a hyperlink, but not grabbing the actual underlying text.


              Ugh, this is so close!!

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                John Breedlove

                Sorry, I thought it was working but then realized I hadn't actually tested it.  The linked text copies over and is a hyperlink, but it doesn't hyperlink to the right location.

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                  Sinji Yang

                  Text Box should have the features to at  URL links.

                  Insert calculated fields that can be aggregated to a single values, or the same function as Oracle's Listagg() function.