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    Tabcmd Escape Fails

    Matt Morgenroth

      just a quick note on Tabcmd and double escapes


      if your tabcmd command such as this works fine when used manually:

      tabcmd get "http://localhost/views/Science/ExploreStimulusProjectsbyState.pdf?State=North%20Dakota"


      but may get altered when used inside your batch file, turning into something like this:


      tabcmd get "http://localhost/views/Science/ExploreStimulusProjectsbyState.pdf?State=North0Dakota"

      (note the %20 became simply a 0)


      Then a double escape may be necessary:

      tabcmd get "http://localhost/views/Science/ExploreStimulusProjectsbyState.pdf?State=North%%20Dakota"


      Please add any other idiosyncrasies you've found with tabcmd syntax to the forums.

      We will continue to evaluate the need for updating tabcmd functionality based on any challenges you express to us.


      Thanks as always for your feedback.