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    Hiding calendar dates that don't have any values

    Joseph Brown

      Hi all,


      My data is being pulled in from a playpen table from my data warehouse - in my table, I have assigned labels to a range of dates,- "Pre", "Prom" and "Post" -these represent 28 dates before the start of a promotion (the 'Pre'), the calendar dates of the promotion ('Prom') and the 28 dates following the promotion ('Post') - there is no break in the dates.


      I'm filtering on the 'offer description' (i.e. an individual promotion), allowing a single selection at a time. My viz is starting to get where I want it to be, apart from there is breaks in the data between the 'Pre', 'Prom' and 'Post' - as I said, the dates for each promotion and its pre and post times are running concurrently - so not sure what these blanks are, or how to get rid of them?


      Unfortunately, i can't share the live data as its business sensitive, so have included a snapshot pic (can't seem to get very good quality!) - hope that shows what I'm trying to explain.


      tableau test.JPG


      Any ideas? I have tried to filter out records that are null or zero in both my measure values, and whilst the marks (the bottom scatter marks are showing the differences week on week) appear to be right, these calendar dates are persistant!


      Thanks all