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    Auto-Save Or Auto-Recovery

    Jun Kim

      I would like to get some more information on exactly what you expect from "auto-save".


      There are 2 cases and I'm going to refer to them with different terms.


      Auto-save : This automatically saves your workbook every X seconds or minutes. 

      Auto-recover: This saves a state of your workbook every X seconds or minutes so when you crash, it can recover your work.  However, it will not automatically "save" your work.


      There are trade-offs for both.


      Which one is the one you prefer?

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          Richard Leeke

          My vote would definitely be for the auto-recover option - I very often make changes that I want to undo or discard (either by hitting the back button or simply be exiting without saving), so what you have termed auto-save could be as much of a pain as the current "auto-discard" (aka crash) option.  ;-)


          If you look at this thread of mine from a few years ago you'll see various people chiming in with similar requests - and we all seem to be talking about the auto-recover case, I think.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            (Well that didn't work like I thought it would. I was trying to branch it to the Ideas Forum.)


            Jun, I wonder why these necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. I have a program (maybe Sketch-up) that saves a copy of my file with a .bak extension every x number of minutes. This doesn't write over the original file I'm working on so I can close the original file without changes, gaining the benefits Richard mentioned, but the .bak file can be opened and renamed serving as a recovery file when I crash out. So I vote for a third option let's call:




            The x definitely needs to be user defined, as the biggest down side to auto-back-up is the time large files can take to be saved. The interruption can get irritating. I'm glad to hear you guys are considering this. (I know no promises.)


            BTW, thanks for adding the 'Attach a file' to the advanced editor, nice solution.



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              Jun Kim

              Thank you.  It looks like the request is fairly consistent.  I like to double check and make sure though

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                Tony Pajakowski

                So almost 2yrs later and still no recovery option? I just lost about 5 hrs of work due to a crash.