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    Custom Shapes

    Jeremy Christman

      I am working with some custom shapes. I have many shapes. And they are difficult to decipher in the little window where I have to assign them to the values from the shape variable. Is there a way to get the filenames to show up within the shape assignment. They also seem to be in a different order than in my folder. Is there a way to get them in that order within Tableau so that I can assign. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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          Jun Kim

          Hi Jeremy,


          We don't have a way to get file names to show up within the shape assignment.  That is a good idea though.  I used to use custom shapes quite a bit and wanted a list view with the Icon on the left and the name of the file on the right. Even tooltips would help.  Maybe you can post this as an Idea?


          The way they are ordered is by file name.  I always found it easiest to just put a number in front of the file name so it would sort the way I want.


          for example:






          would mean that the Pistol Shape would be the 1st column in first row, Grenade shape would be the 2nd column in first row, etc

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Nice idea. But you better put a zero in front or it won't sort right when you get to 10.









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              Jun Kim

              Great point Shawn!  Thanks!