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    Pacing Fulfillment from Order Date


      I need help with visualizing how quickly an order is fulfilled after it is received.  Essentially I have records where I have a sale date and a fulfillment date.  I need maybe a line chart or visual showing how quickly an order is fulfilled within x days of sale.  In this same view, I need to see how my fulfillment rate against orders changes over the same x days.  I'm thinking that a combination of using bins and parameters will get me this, but I'm not quite sure how to implement it.


      Attached is my sample data.

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          Matt York

          Hey Abigail,


          I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're trying to achieve, but I attached a workbook using your sample data. There is one calculated field "Days til fulfillment" and a combo chart showing the days til fulfillment of individual orders (blue circles) and the average days til fulfillment (orange line), plotted over time.


          Let me know if that helps!

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            Thanks for responding, Matt.  I was unclear a bit of how I envisioned this to be.


            Essentially, here's the question I'm trying to find an answer for:


            For orders I've received, what does my fulfillment rate look like X amount of days from the order date.  I'm thinking that my Rows will contain a Fulfillment Rate and my Columns will have Days from Order Range (likely 0 through 10).  My Fulfillment Rate is then plotted over time using the Days from Order Range to see how it trends.


            For example, I received 10 orders on 1/5.  On 0 day(s) from Order Date, 3 orders were fulfilled.  My Fulfillment Rate is therefore 30% on 0 day(s).  On 1 day(s) from Order Date, cumulative 4 orders were fulfilled against the 10 orders.  My FR% is now 40%.  On 2 day(s) from Order Date, 6 fulfilled orders cumulative.  My FR% is now 60%.


            My Fulfillment Rate is 70%.  From here, I can analyze how quickly I reach that 70% fulfillment Rate.


            I hope this makes sense.