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    data source version control

    Vladimir Patsionov

      Hi everyone! I am looking to an opportunity to control versions of data sources. Say, I have my own Data Source published on server with database connection and my calculated fileds. My cooleague open this data source, add couple of his own calculated fileds and republish this data source. Is there an oppotunity to see in future what changes has been made to my original data source and maybe even to roll back to my original data source? thanks for the answers. 

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Vladimir,


          Currently, there is no way to see what changes your colleague made without simply comparing your original to his new published data source. Essentially, when he creates a local copy and republishes it with his own calculations he is creating a new data source. Therefore, it is not possible to roll back to the original since Tableau considers his newly published data source to be the original.


          Hope this makes sense!



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            Vladimir Patsionov

            Tracy, thanks for the answer. Take a look at what we've "invented" in our company. We have SVN repository which allow us to support versions of each file  saved in this repository. And when report developer is done with his tableau report in desktop, he just saves his Data Connection as a tds file in this repository. (Data->Data Source Name->Add to SavedDataSource)   This action saves file to MyTableauRepository BUT you can change file destination each time you save it. And then we have tds file which can be opened by anyone with Tableau Desktop, he will see all calculated fileds from it , and if some changes are done - we have version control supported by SVN! Maybe this would be helpful for someone!